The Loring-Restoule area is home to one of the largest White Tailed Deer Herds in Ontario.

Approximately 10,000 White Tailed Deer spend the winter months at the Loring Deer Yards.  This creates a very unique viewing experience for nature lovers to see the animals first hand.

White Tailed Deer often have trouble in the deep snow, especially when their food reserves become scarce, the deer herd can be faced with starvation especially in harsh winters.  When the snow piles up over 20 inches deep, foraging for food can quickly exhaust the deer.  Recognizing the needs of the deer as well as their profound impact on the community, Vacationland Ontario rallied the support of local residents in the community, and area hunt clubs to provide money and manpower to assist the Ministry of Natural Resources in relief efforts.   When the snow begins to accumulate, many deer travel as far as 90 km to the deer yards.  In order to help the deer survive the winter months, trails are cut and feed is brought in for the deer.  These measures have resulted in a marked increase in the survival of White Tailed Deer through the winter months.  Come and visit in the winter months to catch a glimpse of this fascinating event.


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